The Maui Taoist

Adrift in time upon an endless sea…..

The Valley Spirit

In a place apart from time and space
the valley spirit lives
a daughter of compassion, a smile upon her face
from her heart she gives
with dignity and grace

Dark as the earth
cool as a mountain stream
refreshing as a summer breeze
and delicate as lace

Amidst a sea of mundanity
the lotus flower blooms
an omen of compassionate love, a gift to humanity
will the people realize
and accept it with humility?

Floating like a cloud
enigmatic as smoke
profound as life itself
no one knows of its frailty

Not here nor there but everywhere
the valley spirit roams
spreading peace and joy without a care
will you welcome her into your home
and cherish her as something rare?

She is love
she is grace
and she is yours,
if you treat her fair

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012


Losing weight is easy…

What would you rather have,
a full schedule…or free time
one thousand Facebook friends…or one best friend
the burden of a million possessions…or everything you own in a backpack
billions of adoring fans…or time alone?

Would you rather feel,
overwhelmed with emotion…or have peace of mind
bloated and full…or empty and thin
that your going too fast…or taking it easy
stressed with an endless loop of thoughts…or emptiness?

What would you rather do,
fill your day with activities… or play naked on the beach
please others…or please no one
clean and organize your things…or minimize your life
live a life of quiet desperation…or break free from the world?

What do you think is easier,
to be disciplined…or to follow your heart
to maintain possessions…or to let go of them
grabbing and stuffing all you can…or leaving things be
to make plans and set goals…or let nature take its course?

Many people think grabbing and stuffing our lives with things is so great…until they are overwhelmed with junk, overwhelmed by emotions, stressed with commitments, annoyed by people wanting things from them, and overweight and out of shape.

Almost all of our problems come from too much. We have the technology to live without all these encumbrances; we can avoid most of the maladies that befall us. Have the courage to love yourself, just say no to anything that takes you away from your center.

What is the first word a child learns? No….when we say NO to junk, we say YES to love. Quality not quantity.

My way is simple yet no one can follow it…
I have only these three treasures,
Simplicity, Patience and Compassion.

*for actual weight loss info see the comments

Copyright Cory Williams 2012

Loving Yourself

All love is self love

We are always alone; and yet, we are never alone

There is a simplicity in loving Tao

It is essential for our happiness to be at peace with the Way

Love only the Way and it will never let you down

Live like the Way and you will never let anyone down

Do not allow others to define you

Let go of the need to define yourself

Know yourself, understand yourself, love yourself, and then…

let yourself go

You have always been one with all things

Forget your mundane contrivances

Find the essential self

Merge with Tao

As Tao loves all things…

Love yourself

Copyright Cory Williams 2012

Less is more

< = >

Not wanting something is better then possessing it.

Simple = perfect

The best things in life are not things

The secret to happiness, enjoy less

Simplicity = happiness

The simplest things are usually the truest

Simply beautiful

Excellence is simplicity

Simplicity is elegance

Simplicity is the final achievement

Simplifying your life elevates its purpose

Copyright Cory Williams 2012

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Honor your Mother and Father…
We stand upon the back of the great Mother Earth and gaze up at the Heavenly Father.

Mother Earth nurtures us with her three treasures of earth and water and wind, providing all the elements for life. Every material thing we need comes from her, food, shelter, and all the resources for us to make anything and everything we need. The Earth is still and stable giving us the stability and form we need to feel “grounded”.

Father Heaven leads us with his three treasures of the stars, the Sun and the Moon, providing all the energy for life. Every energetic thing we need comes from Heaven, light and warmth and celestial rhythms, all the energy that allows us to make use of the resources of the Earth. Heaven is movement and space and gives us all the power and enlightenment we need to feel “inspiration”.

We are a creation of the mating of Heaven and Earth, all of the sense and essence, matter, energy, spirit and inspiration that we call “life” comes from them.  From our celestial parents we have been given the gift of life. We need nothing else, everything we are, and everything we can make all comes from these two. Heaven and Earth provide all there is and yet they ask for nothing in return.

So I ask you:
What else is there?
Do you really need “things”?
Are you contented?
What have you done to show your appreciation?
Do you pay homage?

What have you learned from your mother and father?

Do you follow the Way of Heaven and Earth?

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012

The Way and the Principle

The Way
I only follow the Way, that is the only real use for all knowledge.  The Way is all about the study of the self. Study the self until there is no more self. If you can learn to be able to walk away from anything,  people,  things, or your mind and even your body, you will have all the powers of the universe; you could merge with space and become one with all things without any worldly concerns. You would have cultivated the awareness of total freedom.

With this understanding; you will have a new perspective that will change your idea of “truth”… That there is only one truth worth knowing and that is your destiny, and when you know this, you might ask yourself…

“Does anything else really matter anymore?”

All things can be transcended by following the Way, when you know you have no needs that are unmet; when you realize the whole universe belongs to you in the sense that you and “it” are one and the same. Therefore, I only follow the Way, if you do not, after you know this truth, then  you do not believe that it is the true Way.

An ancient sage once said:  “This would be such a pity. To wait a lifetime only to be shown the Way and then to not believe in it and walk away; you would be an ignoramus!”  That is why it is said that “superior people follow the way and lesser people scoff at it and make fun of it, if they did not, surely, it is not the way!”

The principle of the Way is only the essential. This essential nature is called “Selflessness”. Through Selflessness, we gain objectivity, from which comes clarity.
If you indulge in “feelings” and “emotions”, it is because of Ego and that pulls you down into subjectivity and ignorance. You must be discerning of the essential and eliminate subjectivity. If you can do that, you will be faced with the truth, confirming that the Way is the one and only one; it is really quite simple.
Desire is originally not there.  If you see through desires and keep to Principle, then nothing can harm you.
Desire is like a cancer that consumes us from the inside without any outward signs…and objectively seeing the simplicity of Essence, and keeping to that principle, is the cure.

Remember how everyone used to think the Earth was flat? This belief was the foundation for a whole belief system. When people discovered the earth was round everything they thought they knew was wrong…

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012

The minimalists creed

The minimalists creed

  • Find the essential
  • Eliminate everything else

Taoists like things simple; consider this wisdom from the Tao Te Ching.

1. “In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple.”

2. “If you want to become full, let yourself be empty.”

3. “If you want to be given everything, give everything up.”

4. “If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

5. “When there is no desire, all things are at peace.”

6. “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

7. “In the pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added.
In the practice of the Tao, every day something is dropped.”

8. “The Master’s power is like this.
He lets all things come and go effortlessly, without desire.
He never expects results; thus he is never disappointed.
He is never disappointed; thus his spirit never grows old.”

9. “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.”

10. “The Master has no possessions.
The more he does for others, the happier he is.
The more he gives to others, the wealthier he is.”

I could go on, but ten quotes is more than enough. Why do people make everything so complicated? Even Qigong and Meditations, there is just no need for such contrivances. Beginner aspirants (less then ten years on the Way) all trying to open “gates” and “circulate energies through orbits ” they all seem so confused   …they ask me… Do you open your joints?

None of my teachers have ever talked this way, just practice, breathe naturally, try meditating and doing qigong and Taiji for ten, fifteen, twenty thousand hours and then there are no “gates” there are no “joints” there is no body, no mind, and no “you.”

Qi flows through the meridians, we observe the workings of heaven, we are only responsible for being aware, that is all we do, we are “awareness.” Nature does everything else, just relax do not attempt to control the energy, have no resistance, that is all, without effort you will align with Heaven and Earth.

Embrace the One, return to the primordial

Dissolve into Tao

Just keep it simple… Just keep doing it… Practice everyday… simplify your life…

There are no short cuts, and no secret methods. Forget egocentric machinations, the great mother is always teaching us.

Shh……be still, and listen!

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012

The Greatest Treasure


‘Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.’ ~Lao Tzu

Every moment is sacred
Each breath we take is a gift from Heaven
Be love in action; transform all energy into love

One source, one energy, one love fills the universe

The One Peace, clear as a mountain stream, calm like still water…
Feel the light from Heaven, it nurtures all things

Allow the energy to flow through you with no resistance and no attachment

Radiate the essence; share the pureness of unadulterated healing love that moves through you

Reflect the light to others as it was given unto you; the limitless source remains abundant

From where all things come from, so shall they return; this is the Way of Heaven

Nature follows the Way of Heaven, all things return to the primordial…to the peace where they came from…

The wellspring of all things is the beginning and the end

All things are connected, all come from the “One Source” with no beginnings and no end…Nothing is apart from the whole

The universe is all things, nothing more and nothing less, nothing is created or destroyed only transformed.

Transform yourself into love and be one with all things…

And realize, the greatest treasure
In the universe
Lives in

Copyright Cory Williams 2012

The Immortals, Ancestor Lu Part #1

The Taoist Eight immortals are a huge part of Taoist folk lore. Many of the immortals have contributed much to the world at large in the way of enlightened thinking, including everything from meditation, martial arts, politics, and philosophy and helping the human condition in general.

Lu Dong Bin is my favorite “Immortal.”  He was a neo-Taoist from the Tang dynasty (618-905 C.E.) believed to have been born about 646. Taoism was originally a philosophy but later it became adulterated with Confucianism and religious Taoism. Neo-Taoists came later on and endeavored to return Taoism to its core values studying the old classics and resurrecting Taoism.  It is because of Lu Dong Bin (and other neo-Taoists) that we have the Complete Reality School of Taoism. This sect has produced some my favorite books, paving the way for modern Taoist thought; books like Understanding Reality, The Book of Balance and Harmony, and one of the greatest classics in the Taoist cannon, The Secret of the Golden Flower. Ancestor Lu’s work had a huge influence on Taoist and the integration of Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist thought.

A very colorful man, he is always depicted with his sword and usually wearing a “Taoist blue” robe.  Ancestor Lu earned an interesting reputation as a wise sage yet being somewhat of a rascal, he was known to have pension for wine and women. Lu Yen (his given name) was a brilliant man born to a scholarly family and had plans of taking the very difficult civil service exam and entering into government as a Confucian scholar.  Thankfully, fate intervened and he was directed towards Tao.

Back in those days, there were many inns along traveling routes like today, but back then, these were actually fairly enlightened places. Travelers are generally open to meeting people and exchanging ideas and so these inns became famous as networking hubs for different people and philosophies. Many fascinating people would hang out in these places like the Taoist wizard Chung-Li Ch’uan.  Spiritual Alchemy was a high level Taoist practice and Chung-Li was an adept.

So here comes this man Lu Yen with his brilliance in full bloom, passing through town, with dreams of getting a cushy government job and he runs into this Taoist “wizard” in a bar…  Now Master Chung-Li is always looking for an enlightened protege, and when he meets Lu, he sees a look in his eyes that he knows is the root of something special. After using a poem as a riddle to test Lu, he decides he has found a potential disciple. Master Chung-Li gets Lu off alone and after some conversation, they put on a pot of millet to cook and he offers Lu a pillow so he can get some much-needed rest. This famous encounter is a perennial Taoist tale of how they met.

The story goes that Lu has a dream, in the dream he goes to the capital, passes his test, and becomes a successful scholar and over time moves up into a coveted government job. He works his way up over decades, and marries a woman from a wealthy clan and he raises a large and prosperous family.

After forty years, he reaches the pinnacle of his career, is appointed prime minister, and holds this office for ten years amassing much wealth and power. Then at the very zenith of his life he is charged with a crime, is defamed and stripped of his rank and all his property. He then looses his wife and children (in some stories they are killed) and finds himself wandering in the mountains starving and alone.  Eventually he find himself knee deep in snow, freezing to death in the frozen windswept wilderness. Finally, he lets out a sigh that may be his last exhalation…then he awakens.

Dazed and confused he looks up to see the mysterious stranger Chung-Li at the inn waiting for the millet to cook. Chung-Li says, “The cereal isn’t even done and you have dreamed your way to paradise”

Lu looks at him and asks him, “You know what I dreamed?”
Chung-Li says, “In the dream you just had, you experienced fifty years of up and downs, all in a short while. Whatever you got is not worth rejoicing over, and whatever you lost is not worth regretting.” These words left Lu stunned. Chung-Li continued, “There is also a great awakening, after which you realize this human world is one big dream.”
After hearing all this and reflecting on his dream Lu Yen, a Confucian scholar, was ready to quit his ambition for everything he has imagined his life would be. He realized he has just met a Taoist adept, a master of spiritual alchemy, and immediately asked the stranger for guidance in Tao, to be taught “the art of transcending the world.”

Chung-Li could tell that Lu was still not ready to receive the teaching as he had only just now awakened from his dream, telling him that it would take “several generations to transcend the world.” Lu begged for even the smallest lesson to get started on the way but Chung-Li refused. Lu was devastated and the two went separate ways and Lu began to find his Way alone. Some say he went into isolation and abandoned his career. It would be several years before the two would cross paths again, and when they do the next part of the story evolves.

Check back later for Part 2

Copyright: Cory Williams 2011

Don’t Feed the Wild Ones

Birds, Humans, Rats…. are all part of nature

I used to feed the birds at work…They were so cute as they would mill around and eat the food I doled out. Occasionally they would get into minor fights over the food but I thought that was amusing. After just a few days they would come so close as to eat out on my hand. Almost immediately they found out that if they attacked my hand I would recoil and drop the food. A huge brawl would ensue as they all fought for the dropped food and of course the larger more aggressive ones got the lions share and the poor, sickly, needy ones got nothing.

Even if they were dolled out the food it still has the negative effect of teaching them something psychologists call: “Learned Helplessness.” Google that! Trust me, it is a cruel thing to cause a mental illness in a society. Another major problem with artificially increasing the food supply is that animals will over reproduce if more resources are available with the inevitable famine occurring during lean times. Anyway you look at it, whether from ignorance or an attempt to control and manipulate, feeding and coddling any wild (free) animal is wrong.

Bite the hand that feeds you….. Well well… what about humans? Are they so different? Isn’t that exactly what they do… give out all these entitlements and soon they realize that if they bite you, or threaten to bite you, that you will give it all to them. Humans can be turned into animals in this way. Humans can also become “pets” to those that feed them, with a subsequent loss of freedom.

Taoists and Boy Scouts both know that it is wrong to interfere with nature and if you do, eventually it will “bite you in the butt.” There are plenty of real charities that help starving children and such. Taoists are charitable and compassionate. They give freely of their time and money to the truly needy but helping people and animals that can help themselves is wrong. It is wrong on so many levels, that I am amazed that some people do it just for their own need to feed good without any concern for the larger cruelty that they are perpetrating.

Bailing out these huge banks and other businesses like Solyndra that nature “selected” for failure was totally wrong. Caving in to huge exorbitant entitlement programs is also wrong,  as is bailing out states that wasted all their money on frivolous programs. Americans (the 53% of them that are actual taxpayers) are borrowing forty cents on the dollar from China to pay for these programs. Billions more are lost because the government is very inefficient. All of this money will need to be paid back in the future by our children and our children’s children.

This the reason Taoists have always had a political philosophy advocating small limited government and non-interference towards things in general.  Politicians that promote these bailout and handout policies are training people to become animals, (“pets”) and using them to protest and contribute to their re-elections. Anyone that cannot see that this is wrong should investigate this topic more. We can not help the people that are truly in need with all these bail-outs and hand-outs, all they do is hurt our society and drive the middle class towards poverty.

Encourage real charity, contribute your time and money to real solutions.

Vote out politicians that make “pets” out of our citizens, destroying freedom and running up our national debts for their personal gains.

Wake up America. Stop feeding the wild animals!

Copyright: Cory Williams 2011

“Social Justice” What would a Taoist do?

HAPPY SERENITY The three vinegar tasters are representative of ‘the Three Teachings of China’. The three teachings are one, the three jewels, love, moderation and humility are one, Buddha saw life as bitter, Confucius saw life as sour, Lao Tzu saw life as it is in its natural state. Life can be sweet when utilized for what it is, nature is not a setter of bitter traps (Buddhism) and sour rules (Confusianism). Life may be bitter or sour, how can we be anything but sweet and kind. Lao Tzu’s inner peace starts with a sweet smile, he simply accepts vinegar for what it is : it’s vinegar. He has no expectations. Most people go trough life expecting certain things, but it is a most liberating experience when we are able to live life with an attitude of no expectations and no regrets. The best things in life are unexpected because there were no expectations. In the beginners mind, there are many possibilities, so many expectations. In Lao Tzu’s mind there are very few. The vinegar dilemma is a well known bitter-sour/sweet yin-yang dilemma. Finally it’s a koan. So what, the Supreme Ultimate Tao is indifferent to human affairs, possibilities, expectations and desires. Expectations are simply another form of false hope, and no one should give up hope.

“We all declare for liberty; but by using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor.
Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name – liberty. And it follows that each of these things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names – liberty and tyranny.”      Abraham Lincoln

The other day someone asked me what I thought about “social justice.“ I don’t think he liked the answer I gave him.  I often get asked such questions and yet my answer is always quite simple.  What would a Taoist do?  Well I can only tell you what this Taoist would do.  When it comes to Tao, I guess you might say I’m sort of an originalist.

Understanding Tao is all about natural action or non striving, we say “wu wei” which means sometimes the best option is no action. Everything in nature finds balance within the system, and people are part of the system.  The Taoist leads by example, he doesn’t fret about conditions and neither does he contribute to negative conditions.

For thousands of years man has tried to help things along and yet they fail as often as they help, often making matters worse.  I don’t fight wars, I don’t fight anyone.  I show people how to heal the wounds caused by war and suffering.  If humans fight wars and kill each other that is just the way it is.  If you were on a walk in the woods and you came across two tigers fighting, would you intervene? Or would you avoid it and help those that may be injured through no fault of their own?

Oh, we’ll go into this country to help….we’ll ban this life saving insecticide…we’ll steal from the rich and redistribute to the poor… we’ll hate this person for being rich and be just as greedy coveting what he has….lets support the “Arab Spring”…. Let’s back this dictator or promote democracy even if the people there don’t want it…let’s feed the wild animals…kill the wolves…. Don’t kill the wolves…. Oh my GOD the planet is heating up… no its not, its cooling down, somebody do something!… The Jews caused the problems… no it was the Republicans…no it wasn’t, it was the socialist Democrats…

Pour ice in it.. No no no… put heat on it…Make everyone use light bulbs that contain deadly mercury, what are you crazy?  Blame George Bush for spending too much…. Blame Barrack Obama for spending four times what Bush spent…. Invade Iraq… send drones into Pakistan…. Invade Afghanistan…. Use Drones in Yemen… Bomb Libya…Don’t support the people in Syria… Support the people in Egypt… Send troops to Sudan… Don’t support the people in Iran… Bush was a wimp, Obama is a tyrant… Don’t protect our border just other countries borders…WTF?… Don’t let citizens own guns; Give guns to Mexican drug dealers instead…. Force people to pay for services they don’t want…. don’t help them get what they need…Bail out the banks, then tell everyone banks are evil, then take campaign money from them….. Be a feminist and hate men… be a misogynist and hate the women for hating men… if you would be a damn man she wouldn’t hate you…Hate this, Love that… Argue argue argue… Hate hate hate… bla bla bla…Whine and complain… Occupy Wall street…. be indignant…Oh no, we must not anger those people… don’t say that!  Be a people pleaser… go along to get along… do this, do that… Enough! Hog wash!

I say… “Oh Well“… “Big Deal”… “So What”… “Who Cares?”… It really doesn’t mater anyway.
Keep life simple:
Stop making all these rules and laws
Stop making Government bigger
Take responsibility for you own life
Stop complaining and protesting about what you don’t have
Don’t hassle those that have what you want
Stop trying to save the world
Avoid military action
Take care of your homeland
Take care of your health
Love your neighbor
Be peaceful, compassionate and content
And all the world will benefit

I know this may sound cold or indifferent but is it not wrong to tell others what is right or wrong?  Who are we to judge and abridge other peoples liberty? Why should I care what you smoke or do in your bedroom or what kind of light bulb you use or what car you drive or food you eat? Is it right to steal from those that work hard to give to those who do not? Its nobody’s business how much money someone else makes. Why tax people on what they make instead of what they spend?

I do what nature tells me to do. If we all would follow natural law everything would work out fine. I know we need laws and government and on rare occasions even war, but we must also understand that these things are necessary evils and should be kept at the most limited levels.

A Taoist sees that nature will always balance everything out, it is a spiritual thing to look away as the two tigers fight and have faith in the process.

What would a Taoist say about war, global warming, economic inequality, and a whole host of other social issues?  What would I do?  Nothing!
Tao knows what to do…

“…there are plenty of people who believe that freedom includes taking what they need from others — usually through political action. Many of them consider inequalities in wealth to be conditions of slavery. They would continue to fight for the social conditions they want.” 

From:  “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World”  by  Harry Browne

Copyright: Cory Williams 2011

Lao Tzu was right…

About so many things;

“Those who assist human leaders with the Way do not coerce the world with weapons, for these things are apt to backfire…The unguided soon come to an end” Verse #30

and so the world turns and life goes on.

“Weapons are instruments of ill omen…and are not the tools of the cultured…” Verse #31

“Use straight forwardness for civil government…use non involvement to take the world…the more taboos there are in the world: the poorer the populace is…the more laws you make, the greater the number of thieves..  “Therefore the Sage says: I take no action yet the people transform themselves, I favor quiescence and the people right themselves, I take no action and the people enrich themselves….” Verse #57

“When the government is unobtrusive, the people are pure, when the government is invasive the people are wanting. Calamity is what fortune depends upon, fortune is what calamity subdues. Who knows how it will end?”  Verse #58

“To govern humans and serve the divine nothing compares to frugality, only frugality brings early recovery…” Verse #59

“To best way govern a great nation is the same as frying a small fish…the less you poke it the better…”  Verse #60

“When people are starving, it is because their governments take too much, causing them to starve. when people are hard to control, it is because of the contrivances of their governments.” Verse #75

“…so sages manage effortless service and carryout unspoken guidance…without possessiveness, not dwelling on success…” Verse #2

“Not exalting cleverness causes the people not to contend…” Verse #3

“…Sages put themselves last,and they were first…” Verse #7

“…goodness in words is trustworthiness, goodness in government is order…” Verse #8

“…producing without possessing, doing without presuming, growing without domineering, this is called mysterious power” Verse #10

“…those who embody nobility to act for the sake of the world draw the world to them, while those who embody love to act for the sake of the world seem worthy of the trust of the world.” Verse #14

“Skilled warriors of old were subtle…unknowable, wary, cautious, their gravity was as that of a guest, simple, open, inscrutable…” Verse #15

“Impartiality is the highest nobility…the highest nobility is divine,and the divine is the Way…” Verse #16

“Very great leaders are only known to exist… Great things seem to happen spontaneously…” Verse #17

“When people lose the Way, there is humanitarian duty…” Verse #18

“Eliminate humanitarianism, abandon duty and the people will return to familial love”  Verse #19

“Be tactful and remain whole…economy is gain, excess is confusion…not asserting themselves they are outstanding, not congratulating themselves they are meritorious, not taking pride in themselves they last long…it is just because they do not contend that no one in the world can contend with them” Verse #22

“To speak rarely is natural…” Verse #23

“…Those who glorify themselves have no merit…” Verse #24

“…What can be done about heads of state who take the world lightly in their own self interest? Lack of gravity loses servants of state; instability loses heads of state” Verse #26

“Know the male, keep to the female; be humble toward the world…The great fashioner does no splitting” Verse #28

“Should you want to take the world and contrive to do so, I see that you will not finish…those who contrive spoil it…therefor sages remove extremes, extravagance and arrogance” Verse #29

“The Way plays no favorites, it treats all things as straw dogs” (Sacrificial offerings)

No doubt about it, Lao Tzu  is clear, our world leadership is going the wrong Way.  It sure seems like Lao Tzu got it pretty right-on for book written over two thousand years ago… His writings show us how a “cultured” leader should govern by use of “The Way” and it shows a certain level of “class” that is rare in the world today.  The situations were comparable then, when this book was written and with modern times, and yet the advice given is so sagely it is prophetic.
Consider this observation by Lao Tzu’s contemporary, Chuang Tzu: 

“A petty thief is put in jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a State.”

The Way of nature is definitely a free market system, based on individual responsibility, balanced with compassion.  A system where “doing the right thing” means to take care of yourself, your family, friends and neighbors.  The more power you give up to the  “government “ is to submit to tyranny and to subjugate your liberty.

History is full of hard times, with world leaders destroying liberty and the looming “new world order” that promises an authoritative totalitarian “Utopia” for all.   One thing is certain; we need to learn to be independent thinkers.

Tao harmonizes extremism, be it political, religious, or whatever, balance is the way of moderation, and yet Lao Tzu says also:

“What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher, and what is a bad man but a good man’s teacher” Verse #27

My suggestions for anyone reading this is simple;

  • Learn to take care of yourself.
  • Study the Tao Te Ching.
  • Be a free thinker
  • Forget the garbage coming out of the government controlled media.
  • Learn to meditate and to be in control of your thoughts.
  • Do not rely on the health care system
  • Do qigong and Taiji and eat healthy food.
  • Do not be resentful or blame others for the ills of the world
  • Be discerning but not judgmental

Lao Tzu would not be surprised. He was a prophet of such things. Taoism is a libertarian philosophy, that believes in individual rights, you might say “inalienable rights bestowed by their creator.” I think Lao Tzu could have helped write the US constitution and the ten commandments and which are both based on natural law.  Natural law, freedom, frugality, survival of the fittest, with the compassion that nature provides by giving all things an equal opportunity to thrive, should prevail.

Keep your compassion, put your lives in order, remain unattached from the events depicted in the media. Have faith that all these things are natural, yes, even war and tyranny and therefore do not resent these things or other people.  All these things are part of the human learning experience, and yet, haven’t we been here before?  Like the movie “Groundhog Day”, we humans keep getting chances to redeem ourselves, the question is….. Will we get it right this time?

The answer is… It is up to all of us!

Copyright: Cory Williams 2011