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Category: The Cultivation of Realization

Human Life

Human life is the ultimate, and yet it often doesn’t feel like it! Our time here is a challenge to find the meaning of life. To Taoists, it is what it is, and to become a “real human” means to open up to that truth and to have nothing to be ashamed of before Heaven and Earth. We are their offspring after all, and eventually we will merge with them both. For now, as humans, living a human life, we have only the opportunity to emulate our eternal parents. Originally there was no desire within us, there was a pureness to our beings, return to that self and you will become a real human.

We are all given one body with which to make our journey back to our celestial parents, within that body there is a “real human” somewhere. The real human within us communes with Heaven and Earth and the clarity and calm therein is free from the accumulations foisted upon us. It exists now as it always has, a beautiful and delightful entity. Like a poor man winning the lottery, if you could just realize this fact, you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

The great Confucian sage, Mencius once said, “The difference between animals and humans is slight; common people obliterate it, superior people maintain it. Those that maintain it become sages; those that obliterate it become beasts.” They become beasts in this life.

Humans would be well advised to harmonize with the five elements of nature: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. In our bodies, these elements are manifest in the five yin organs, the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen. These are the main organs that support our life in this realm, if these become damaged, our body cannot sustain life. Taking care of our bodies is essential to provide for that spiritual embryo we all carry within.

Other influences include: the relationship between the government and the people, between parents and children, between husband and wife, between younger and older siblings and between friends. These “five norms” lay out a path of success for people. We need to be in harmony with our relationships as well, to be “real humans.” Sometimes we need to let go of certain relationships to be in harmony with them!

Finding harmony within our bodies and our relationships with others is part of following the Way. Taking away the causes of physical and emotional turmoil in our lives or finding the ability to adapt to them allows us to live long enough so that we may someday unlock the “real human” within. The only thing we have of any value is the real human within, don’t destroy it before you reach realization. Our physical life just here in our bodies is not the end all; the real human is our ultimate attainment. Live as though you are pregnant, and nurture your spiritual embryo.

Copyright Cory Williams 2013

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Honor your Mother and Father…
We stand upon the back of the great Mother Earth and gaze up at the Heavenly Father.

Mother Earth nurtures us with her three treasures of earth and water and wind, providing all the elements for life. Every material thing we need comes from her, food, shelter, and all the resources for us to make anything and everything we need. The Earth is still and stable giving us the stability and form we need to feel “grounded”.

Father Heaven leads us with his three treasures of the stars, the Sun and the Moon, providing all the energy for life. Every energetic thing we need comes from Heaven, light and warmth and celestial rhythms, all the energy that allows us to make use of the resources of the Earth. Heaven is movement and space and gives us all the power and enlightenment we need to feel “inspiration”.

We are a creation of the mating of Heaven and Earth, all of the sense and essence, matter, energy, spirit and inspiration that we call “life” comes from them.  From our celestial parents we have been given the gift of life. We need nothing else, everything we are, and everything we can make all comes from these two. Heaven and Earth provide all there is and yet they ask for nothing in return.

So I ask you:
What else is there?
Do you really need “things”?
Are you contented?
What have you done to show your appreciation?
Do you pay homage?

What have you learned from your mother and father?

Do you follow the Way of Heaven and Earth?

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012

The Way and the Principle

The Way
I only follow the Way, that is the only real use for all knowledge.  The Way is all about the study of the self. Study the self until there is no more self. If you can learn to be able to walk away from anything,  people,  things, or your mind and even your body, you will have all the powers of the universe; you could merge with space and become one with all things without any worldly concerns. You would have cultivated the awareness of total freedom.

With this understanding; you will have a new perspective that will change your idea of “truth”… That there is only one truth worth knowing and that is your destiny, and when you know this, you might ask yourself…

“Does anything else really matter anymore?”

All things can be transcended by following the Way, when you know you have no needs that are unmet; when you realize the whole universe belongs to you in the sense that you and “it” are one and the same. Therefore, I only follow the Way, if you do not, after you know this truth, then  you do not believe that it is the true Way.

An ancient sage once said:  “This would be such a pity. To wait a lifetime only to be shown the Way and then to not believe in it and walk away; you would be an ignoramus!”  That is why it is said that “superior people follow the way and lesser people scoff at it and make fun of it, if they did not, surely, it is not the way!”

The principle of the Way is only the essential. This essential nature is called “Selflessness”. Through Selflessness, we gain objectivity, from which comes clarity.
If you indulge in “feelings” and “emotions”, it is because of Ego and that pulls you down into subjectivity and ignorance. You must be discerning of the essential and eliminate subjectivity. If you can do that, you will be faced with the truth, confirming that the Way is the one and only one; it is really quite simple.
Desire is originally not there.  If you see through desires and keep to Principle, then nothing can harm you.
Desire is like a cancer that consumes us from the inside without any outward signs…and objectively seeing the simplicity of Essence, and keeping to that principle, is the cure.

Remember how everyone used to think the Earth was flat? This belief was the foundation for a whole belief system. When people discovered the earth was round everything they thought they knew was wrong…

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012