by The Maui Taoist

Faith is when your spirit is engaged in each now moment

One the many befits of proper meditation practice, is to become more objective about yourself, this should lead to being non-judgmental. When we see and learn about our many faults, we need to also learn to forgive ourselves as we have seen the many benefits of what we have discerned from our lives. Consequently we can forgive others. Better still, we will come to see, that not judging is an even better way to relate then having judgments and then “rescinding” them with forgiveness. All this judging and forgiveness is upsetting and unnecessary. Learning the right lessons in life, for some, means how quickly can we move from emotion to calm. When we learn our lessons, we see that remaining calm is the key to keeping your objectivity.

Calmness is the abode of the spirit

When we trust our spirits to run the show, will be discerning, intuitively non-judgmental. We can learn to forgive immediately, right on the spot. Coming from this place, we can remain calm, see even deeper, free from the need to react. This requires confidence in our sense and response to each now moment. Coming from faith, means that we trust our spirit to guide us.

Resist the tendency to doubt

It is not possible to just have faith in things, we need to have faith in our understanding of things…. Moreover, that we develop confidence that we have this understanding. Therefore, we will have few doubts. The fewer doubts we have is the equivalent of our level of faith. If we resist the tendency to doubt we are trusting, having faith in our spirit.

You can have faith in anything and it will yield similar results.
If you have faith in your health, faith in God, faith in country, political ideology, faith in your partner, faith in nature, whatever, you will be fulfilled according to your beliefs.

The more understanding we acquire, the more confidence we gain and the more faith we have; the more pleasant our lives become.

Enter Doubt…. The destroyer of faith

Healthy doubt is a powerful ally, but I’m not talking about that here. A healthy mind already knows from experience what is right and wrong for us; we don’t need doubt too much. When we mess up, we learn and change our way of thinking or our way of doing something and this is essential. The problem comes when we over analyze things. Our brain is looking for faults and ways to improve, this is an adaptation to stress. Over-using this system causes us dismay as we then doubt ourselves and we gather insecurities that lead to suffering. You might say, when we get stressed out, we doubt, then we lose faith.

The spontaneous flow of life’s energy needs to flow unimpeded to and from our spirits. When we get involved filtering and analyzing and doubting we lose faith in our ability to be natural. The simple fact is we cannot be “natural” if we do not follow our faith. By natural here I mean that originally there was no desire, we learned in an non-prejudicial way. Cravings and desires lead us to try and know “why” this inevitably leads to doubt,  after all, we may never know “why”. Doubt erodes our faith; taken to the extreme we can lose confidence, and ultimately we will suffer.

…. the only thing a human ever needs to do, is to respond correctly to each now moment…

Letting go of the need to know “Why” gives us the freedom to listen to our intuition, to use faith. Especially important in our dealing with other people is our ability to be confident that we are acting appropriately in the now moment. Lets face it, the only thing a human ever needs to do, is to respond correctly to each now moment. Doubting interrupts this natural inclination and impedes communion with the spirit.

Doubt destroys spontaneity. We have trained our spirit during our whole life, it knows what is right and good. Enter doubt and we conflict with our spirit, as if, everything we know in our heart is maybe wrong? This is destructive to the spirit and can lead a would-be meditator into hell. Without faith, doubt is going to interfere with our sense and our response.

Chronic doubters, and people that over analyze things, are usually over reacting to those things because their lack of faith leaves them defenseless in the now moment. They often appear needy and insecure to others and that exacerbates their doubt until they have serious reasons to doubt!  Often people of this persuasion develop physical and mental illnesses, many of which are lethal.

Trust that the Universe is completely out of control

Have Faith. Trust everything and everybody! It is a simple Taoist method to always be coming from faith. For example, Trust that the Universe is completely out of control. Trust that everyone will usually act in their own best interest. Trust good people to be good, trust bad people to be bad. Trust the climate to change, and change again. Trust that there will always be conflict and wars. Trust that you may get a broken heart from time to time but the wisdom gained and enjoyment of love was worth it.

Have faith in the way things are
Trust your ability to adapt and overcome all obstacles

Have faith in human nature
Trust your ability to discern the best people for you

Have faith in healing
Trust that you will learn to have faith

Have faith in yourself
Trust that you can always be fully in the now moment without doubting

“It is not possible to invent faith, but it is possible to resist the tendency to doubt!

Have patience, stop doubting that which you know in your heart to be true, and faith will do its perfect work.”

Copyright Cory Williams 2014