The mind is a terrible thing…

by The Maui Taoist

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”

We drive ourselves insane with knowledge, thinking we are gaining superiority in the world, but all that is useless in the greater scheme. It is like the proverbial life raft upon which we try to stay afloat above the sea of suffering. We cling to knowledge hoping we find dry land, a verdant island perhaps, where we can let go of all the past traumas. Once safely ashore we can release our fears and anxieties about the suffering we endured.

When you have had your fill of knowledge, you will tire of its uselessness. There is no need for continued stress you will discover; you don’t need a raft of knowledge to float upon an endless sea of suffering. Knowledge carried too far is like dragging a boat over land.

Like pulling weeds, one by one, we remove the thoughts and memories, being careful not to drop any seeds back into our garden. With proper meditation practice, post-mortem cleansing (pulling weeds) should leave you with only the essential.

Over time, all things are assimilated into our spirit. From our knowledge, and our experience, through our layers of body/mind/emotion it distills into the elixir of “knowing” which leads to clarity and ultimately to understanding. If we avoid coloring and flavoring what we think we know, we can truly “understand”. You might say, “knowing what is essential, is understanding.” Armed with the essential understanding you can discard the raft. In time you will learn to understand without the need to know. This is the gateway to enlightenment.

We can learn to fly above all things, joining with the One source of all life.

“He who knows does not say, he who says does not know”

What seems harmonious can be a ticking time bomb…. Sometimes we think we “know” all we need to. Sometimes that is true enough, sometimes you do know all you need to, in that knowledge only goes so far. The experience combined with the knowledge will lead you to the empirical truth but only if you are objective.

Do your meditations, pull the weeds from your psyche, don’t fear the truth, don’t be resentful for the past. Learn to see and discern the essence of all things, and then you can choose to forget the knowledge part  forever! The things that happend were not the important things in our lives, it is our perception and what we take away from it that builds our character. Learn the right lessons and the suffering will stop!

It is easy to be lead astray from the truth, we want to believe what we want to believe. If we believe it, it might just be so…and thinking it can make it seem like it is so!

We all know we actually can make somethings happen by just thinking them, often with disastrous results. We can become psychotic real quick when we open up that possibility! Don’t lie to yourself, be objective! Eventually you will be at peace within, and you will learn to always come from your spirit. You don’t need to believe in anything else, you will always be divine!

Don’t believe me,
Don’t believe anyone else,
Don’t believe Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu,
Don’t especially believe yourself!
Believe in yourself!

Knowledge can be good but it can be prejudice and limiting, it is only a tool on the path to wisdom. . .

The wise have little need for knowledge.

Wisdom transcends knowledge
Wisdom is without prejudice…and remembering the lessons!
Wisdom cannot be taught, it can only be learned

Copyright Cory Williams 2014