Nothing Really Matters!

by The Maui Taoist

Being and non-being
or not being and not non-being

Either way, there either “is” or there “isn’t”
And what about the transformations?
Can something be part “is” and part “isn’t”
And when do non-things become things?

is it a percentage???? 51 %
is it something you can see and measure?
is it something you can feel?
or a vague “knowing”?
or a “belief”?
maybe wishful thinking,


or delusion?

To stand in the doorway between “is” and “isn’t”,

That is the mysterious path of ultimate reality!

There is no distinction, “nothing” swallows everything like a black hole,
Breath in, the spirit recreates you,
Breath out, exhale into nothing.

As if everything that “is”…was…and yet,
had never been…

Things that never were, are…
Things that always were, are not…

Forget the past and the future,
Forget the now, as it too is already gone,
All that matters is each breath.

I live at the gate between both realities.
Being now, or never to have been,
are both the same to me.

Copyright Cory Williams 2013