Too much Love?

by The Maui Taoist

When is too much, more than enough?

When is enough, enough?

When is too little, not enough?

Or maybe “just right” is just plain “boring”

Is there a sliding scale that we subconsciously use?

Sure there is, but there is also the need for balance here.

We decide if it needs to be 50/50 or 60/40 or some other point.

Taiji is always changing. White to black… always holding to the Center

Harmonizing absolutes,

Finding and hearing that little voice within that brings balance.

Seeing and feeling the swinging energies moving to and fro.

Keeping your lives from swinging too far.

Being at one with the flow allows one to find the truth.

Testing our commitment and resolve as the wind and tides buffet us

Each time returning to a calm center,

That place where we feel loved.

If the energy is not in harmony then troubles will arise.

Swinging too far towards absolutes and can stress someone,

Not adapting to the stress can break the structure.

Adapt and overcome and return to oneness, stronger then before.

consider this:

love too much… get hurt…

love to little… get hurt…

This used to concern me, but now I have seen the light!

I figure, you either love someone or you don’t.

If you love someone, you appreciate them, giving and accepting love and friendship.

If you enjoy each others company you can talk for hours about anything or nothing at all.

If you love someone, you believe in your heart that they would never hurt you.

If two people are in love, it stirs their inner passions and inspires them to be better individuals.

If you love someone, you care deeply about things they are going through and either help or get out of the way.

If you are in love with someone you would move Heaven and Earth for them.

Loving someone means, being patient when things are not going exactly as you want, working together to be there for each other.

And so…  where are the degrees of separation emotionally?

You either appreciate someone, or you don’t

You either enjoy someone’s company, or you don’t

You either trust someone, or you don’t

You feel an inner passion inspiring you, or you don’t

You’re either patient with someone, or you’re not

You either work through things with someone, or you don’t

Either you will be there to move Heaven and Earth, or you will not.

You either love someone………………………… or you do not.

Copyright Cory Williams 2013