What is a Taoist ?

by The Maui Taoist

One that sees the simple in the complex, and the complex in the simple.

Taoists know better than to try to know the unknowable, and that somethings can be understood yet not seen.

Someone that lives in harmony with the natural order of the universe; adapting to change when possible and accepting the unavoidable.

A person that respects that the world is not something to be improved upon but we are.

One that follows a path to the mysteries of the universe. Where did we come from? Where do we end up? Why are we here? How do we make sense of it? What are we to do?…All these questions are meaningless, nothing really matters more than something. Merge with nothing and there are no more questions!

A Taoist appears like an ignoramus to those that are unenlightened, and they enjoy the anonymity of it all.

Taoists let nature take its course and get out of the way if they need too. They believe in life, and live it as each moment opens up before them.

A person that is driven to become real, yet sets things up so it can happen with minimal effort. They know when they have enough, and trust that the universe will provide if they are conscious of it’s workings.

Taoists find inner strength in their ability to gather energy and apply it to their lives. They are introspective, and balanced and nurture a deep awareness, connection and respect to Heaven and Earth and everything that lives there.

A Taoist is a person that wishes all sentient beings can master the skills to live in harmony with each other, and helps them to the best of their ability.

Taoism is the religion of no religion, you can believe whatever you want to and still be Taoist. We don’t argue over faith, we respect it. Taoists have serious faith, faith in truth and love and we live simple, patient and compassionate lives. We don’t bother other people with things or argue about things that can’t be grasped with the mind anyway.

To be Taoist… is to live free in an unfree world.

Copyright Cory Williams 2013