What Love Isn’t

by The Maui Taoist

I may not know exactly what love is, but I do know a few things about what love isn’t. I know, for many people, love can be illusive, but I know for a fact that love is not an illusion.

As I look up at the sky, into the depths of all that is holy, there is love… Heaven creates everything, and gives it all away for free and never asks for anything in return. There is no blame, no frustration, disappointment or resentment there; no anger or malice, no guilt, no feelings of inadequacy or loneliness in Heaven, there are only infinite possibilities.

Emotions are a human thing, they are not meant to torment us, but to be our loving guide. There is no “should” or “should not” pertaining to our feelings, we have to learn from our emotions and in so doing respect that they are loving reminders, helping us to grow. Following enlightened reason we can feel our way to self love.

We learn strength when we can harmonize with our feelings. Each of us has to deal with these things by ourselves; part of loving someone means we foster their independence by being patient with them as they grow. The only thing we need to do is to be kind to ourselves and others as we all evolve.

It may take a lifetime to discover the truth about ourselves, but everything we have comes from the infinite. We see love in the brief little moments that twinkle like the stars shining for eternity. Moments like forgiveness, compassion, respect and gratitude. One kind deed can last an eternity. We fail at love when we forget these things.

Like star dust, love can be illusive, but out of the emptiness of the dark energy of the universe, all things are born.

Copyright Cory Williams 2013