Make me uncomfortable…PLEASE!

by The Maui Taoist

Are you comfy?
Is everything okay?
May I help you?
I’ll do it for free!

Why don’t you just rest awhile?
Whats the hurry?
Are you upset?
Why don’t you just go to sleep…?

Changes will happen, will you rise to the occasion?

Will complacency lull you into a stupor as your life force slips away?

It is all too easy to ignore the energy draining mess that has become your life!

Let me light a fire under you…Adapt or wake up dead.

The house is on fire!

The volcanoes going off!

Here comes a flash flood!

Get the lead out!

Life’s most important lessons are often veiled in mystery.  I like a good crisis personally. It helps me find the essential. What would you take if the house was burning? What if you actually looked at your life and asked if you have lived it lately; if not now, when?

There is nothing like an emergency to liven things up. Too bad they are so rare in our posh little world that we have built for ourselves. This could be the downfall of our way of life. The “Nanny State” is a good example. We need to learn to fend for ourselves.

The human race as evolved into it’s own worst enemy! We have become soft and spoiled!  I love to rough it some, there is certainty in my ability to handle what life brings my way. Courage, and some street smarts, bring on the apocalypse, let’s get deliberate!

Do you know the Way?
Would you wait until you are drowning to learn how to swim? Act now!

Copyright Cory Williams 2012