The Valley Spirit

by The Maui Taoist

In a place apart from time and space
the valley spirit lives
a daughter of compassion, a smile upon her face
from her heart she gives
with dignity and grace

Dark as the earth
cool as a mountain stream
refreshing as a summer breeze
and delicate as lace

Amidst a sea of mundanity
the lotus flower blooms
an omen of compassionate love, a gift to humanity
will the people realize
and accept it with humility?

Floating like a cloud
enigmatic as smoke
profound as life itself
no one knows of its frailty

Not here nor there but everywhere
the valley spirit roams
spreading peace and joy without a care
will you welcome her into your home
and cherish her as something rare?

She is love
she is grace
and she is yours,
if you treat her fair

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012