Losing weight is easy…

by The Maui Taoist

What would you rather have,
a full schedule…or free time
one thousand Facebook friends…or one best friend
the burden of a million possessions…or everything you own in a backpack
billions of adoring fans…or time alone?

Would you rather feel,
overwhelmed with emotion…or have peace of mind
bloated and full…or empty and thin
that your going too fast…or taking it easy
stressed with an endless loop of thoughts…or emptiness?

What would you rather do,
fill your day with activities… or play naked on the beach
please others…or please no one
clean and organize your things…or minimize your life
live a life of quiet desperation…or break free from the world?

What do you think is easier,
to be disciplined…or to follow your heart
to maintain possessions…or to let go of them
grabbing and stuffing all you can…or leaving things be
to make plans and set goals…or let nature take its course?

Many people think grabbing and stuffing our lives with things is so great…until they are overwhelmed with junk, overwhelmed by emotions, stressed with commitments, annoyed by people wanting things from them, and overweight and out of shape.

Almost all of our problems come from too much. We have the technology to live without all these encumbrances; we can avoid most of the maladies that befall us. Have the courage to love yourself, just say no to anything that takes you away from your center.

What is the first word a child learns? No….when we say NO to junk, we say YES to love. Quality not quantity.

My way is simple yet no one can follow it…
I have only these three treasures,
Simplicity, Patience and Compassion.

*for actual weight loss info see the comments

Copyright Cory Williams 2012