Heaven and Earth

by The Maui Taoist

Heaven and Earth

Honor your Mother and Father…
We stand upon the back of the great Mother Earth and gaze up at the Heavenly Father.

Mother Earth nurtures us with her three treasures of earth and water and wind, providing all the elements for life. Every material thing we need comes from her, food, shelter, and all the resources for us to make anything and everything we need. The Earth is still and stable giving us the stability and form we need to feel “grounded”.

Father Heaven leads us with his three treasures of the stars, the Sun and the Moon, providing all the energy for life. Every energetic thing we need comes from Heaven, light and warmth and celestial rhythms, all the energy that allows us to make use of the resources of the Earth. Heaven is movement and space and gives us all the power and enlightenment we need to feel “inspiration”.

We are a creation of the mating of Heaven and Earth, all of the sense and essence, matter, energy, spirit and inspiration that we call “life” comes from them.  From our celestial parents we have been given the gift of life. We need nothing else, everything we are, and everything we can make all comes from these two. Heaven and Earth provide all there is and yet they ask for nothing in return.

So I ask you:
What else is there?
Do you really need “things”?
Are you contented?
What have you done to show your appreciation?
Do you pay homage?

What have you learned from your mother and father?

Do you follow the Way of Heaven and Earth?

Copyright: Cory Williams 2012