Don’t Feed the Wild Ones

by The Maui Taoist

Birds, Humans, Rats…. are all part of nature

I used to feed the birds at work…They were so cute as they would mill around and eat the food I doled out. Occasionally they would get into minor fights over the food but I thought that was amusing. After just a few days they would come so close as to eat out on my hand. Almost immediately they found out that if they attacked my hand I would recoil and drop the food. A huge brawl would ensue as they all fought for the dropped food and of course the larger more aggressive ones got the lions share and the poor, sickly, needy ones got nothing.

Even if they were dolled out the food it still has the negative effect of teaching them something psychologists call: “Learned Helplessness.” Google that! Trust me, it is a cruel thing to cause a mental illness in a society. Another major problem with artificially increasing the food supply is that animals will over reproduce if more resources are available with the inevitable famine occurring during lean times. Anyway you look at it, whether from ignorance or an attempt to control and manipulate, feeding and coddling any wild (free) animal is wrong.

Bite the hand that feeds you….. Well well… what about humans? Are they so different? Isn’t that exactly what they do… give out all these entitlements and soon they realize that if they bite you, or threaten to bite you, that you will give it all to them. Humans can be turned into animals in this way. Humans can also become “pets” to those that feed them, with a subsequent loss of freedom.

Taoists and Boy Scouts both know that it is wrong to interfere with nature and if you do, eventually it will “bite you in the butt.” There are plenty of real charities that help starving children and such. Taoists are charitable and compassionate. They give freely of their time and money to the truly needy but helping people and animals that can help themselves is wrong. It is wrong on so many levels, that I am amazed that some people do it just for their own need to feed good without any concern for the larger cruelty that they are perpetrating.

Bailing out these huge banks and other businesses like Solyndra that nature “selected” for failure was totally wrong. Caving in to huge exorbitant entitlement programs is also wrong,  as is bailing out states that wasted all their money on frivolous programs. Americans (the 53% of them that are actual taxpayers) are borrowing forty cents on the dollar from China to pay for these programs. Billions more are lost because the government is very inefficient. All of this money will need to be paid back in the future by our children and our children’s children.

This the reason Taoists have always had a political philosophy advocating small limited government and non-interference towards things in general.  Politicians that promote these bailout and handout policies are training people to become animals, (“pets”) and using them to protest and contribute to their re-elections. Anyone that cannot see that this is wrong should investigate this topic more. We can not help the people that are truly in need with all these bail-outs and hand-outs, all they do is hurt our society and drive the middle class towards poverty.

Encourage real charity, contribute your time and money to real solutions.

Vote out politicians that make “pets” out of our citizens, destroying freedom and running up our national debts for their personal gains.

Wake up America. Stop feeding the wild animals!

Copyright: Cory Williams 2011