Alone in the womb…

by The Maui Taoist

…Adrift in the fluid that sustains us

Alone and yet not alone, contained within the mother, within which is the primordial soup of life.  Life starts as the egg and sperm come together, Yin and Yang merge into Taiji. This life is fragile and has no self-awareness.  Over time the cells connect, energy pathways are formed and soon consciousness becomes manifest. Cells divide, forming organs and bones all the while adrift in a sea of Qi carried within the mother.  The mother nurtures without “doing” anything, she asks nothing in return for the energy she shares; the developing human within knows nothing of her and yet it grows and receives life also without effort or desire.

Alone in the world…Adrift in a sea of Qi that flows everywhere in the universe, Alone and yet not alone, contained with in the Great Mother Tao, filled with universal energy.  The two energies build us and strengthen us as we learn to survive in the world. This new life is fragile and has little self-awareness. Hopefully, overtime, we learn the ways of the world as the lessons of life accumulate. As we grow we learn to nurture ourselves, always getting what we need from the energy that is around us. We receive most of the life-sustaining energy we need without effort. The developing human knows nothing of how or why things are the way they are, and yet they start to strive after desires, taking and grabbing all they can.

I walk the Way alone…Adrift in time upon an endless sea…
Alone and yet never alone, I am always accompanied by the Great Mother.  Embracing Yin and Yang as Yin/Yang, always filled with Qi that flows from Tao, no longer a fragile human wandering along without self-awareness. Having gained a sense of self I let go of that attachment and discover the bliss that comes from realizing “non-self awareness.”  Aware of my non-self I follow the Way of the Great Mother, to nurture without doing, to give without expectations, having faith that I am sustained  by nature.  To find my way, doing by non-doing with my non-self self…..

Forgetting excess desire, letting go of all I can, always growing and receiving life, becoming one with Tao, learning to live without effort, forever contented.

Safe within the womb again…

Copyright: Cory Williams 2011